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Our highly experienced support team are capable of handling any IT support issue, so you can relax and concentrate on making your business a success.

In the event of any problems, our standard support hours are 9am-5.30pm, Monday-Thursday, and until 5.00pm on Friday. We offer an extended hours contract whereby the support hours become 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday. If you need a quick solution to a technical problem, then our live remote-assistance tool can help. A member of our dedicated support team can liaise directly with you to find the answer to your question.

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Yellowspring Blog

Keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the IT world.

Latest News

  • Cyber Essentials - NEWSFLASH

    HM Government has announced the mandating of the recently launched Cyber Essentials standard for new Government contracts where any of the following criteria is met: -

    i) Where personal information of citizens, such as home addresses, bank details, or payment information is handled by a supplier.

    ii) Where personal information of Government employees, Ministers and Special Advisors such as payroll, travel booking or expenses information is handled by a supplier.

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  • Special Offer - Buffalo Storage Server

    Yellowspring are pleased to announce a very special offer for all our new customers.

    Working in conjunction with our hardware partner Buffalo, we are now able to offer free installation (worth over £700) on all stocked Windows Storage Server products that are ordered before 31st October (for installations completed by the 31st December 2014).

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  • Network login authenticated - it's in your veins!

    Barclays has revealed what it says is the future of fraud prevention in corporate banking with the Barclays Biometric Reader, a Hitachi-developed tool that uses "vein authentication technology" to ensure secure customer authentication for corporate transactions. Barclays are looking to roll out the technology to their corporate clients in 2015.

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  • Apple iPhone 6 and the threat of BYOD

    As we have all heard last week, the launch of the iPhone 6 models is now upon us. 

    Many millions of these new devices are expected to be sold in the UK alone – it is now more important than ever to ensure that your business is protected against these devices accessing your organisational data and network services.

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  • Some Backup FACTS

    • All businesses rely on their data – without it they would cease to exist… 
    • Around 80% of businesses that lose data go under within 18 months… 
    • Common backup mistakes can cripple your business…
    • Most of these mistakes are completely avoidable.
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  • Cyber Security. Your first Steps

    It seems that a day does not pass without some form of Cyber attack hitting the IT news and when a well-known brand is involved all the media are interested. The facts are that the number of Cyber attacks are growing and that no business, small or large, can afford to ignore the potential damage a successful attack could have upon the business.

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  • Yellowspring hosts Brentwood schools presentation competition for the 2nd year

    Yellowspring hosts Brentwood schools presentation competition for the 2nd year

    Brentwood Ursuline Convent School became the second venue for the Brentwood Schools Presentation competition for Year 7 students on Monday 30th June. The competition is based upon the Pecha Kucha presentation method of using 20 slides each being presented for just 20 seconds before automatically being moved on to the next. This method requires eloquence, succinctness, and good imagery to convey the message behind the presentation.

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  • Spear-phishing - how to reel in the problem

    There are many different types of Cyber-attack but the most popular and successful is spear-phishing. The technique has been around for a while but with advent of social media the rate of success has increased. The information that we freely post on social media sites can be very helpful to cyber criminals.

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