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How To Avoid Your Mailing List From Shrinking Post GDPR

My inbox has been receiving quite a lot of attention in the last few weeks as companies contact me to encourage my continued engagement with their brand, in light of the forthcoming GDPR legislation. I am sure I am not the only one?

This post is a heads-up on how to encourage your customers and prospects to want to stay connected with you post 25 May 2018. There is still time, just.

So as a reminder if you are in the Business to Consumer marketplace you need to ensure that you have the consent of your customers (past and present) and prospects to keep their personal details on file; and contact them via the various options such as email, mail or telephone once GDPR is in place.

There may only be a short time left but it is important to think about this as staged process where the message can be ramped up the closer it gets to the deadline (25 May 2018).

  1. Have an engaging email subject line that isn’t about GDPR in the first instance. Maybe an offer or something else that will entice their curiosity. First things first, you need them to open the email.
  2. Now for the content. Don’t think GDPR, think about delighting the reader. What value can you offer them? Could you offer them some free advice or encourage them to buy with a short-term offer such as a discount or freemium?

    The idea here is to encourage them to want to keep in touch. For example if they do buy something or take you up on the offer of your free download etc, then at this point you can ask them if they want to stay in touch. The chances are much higher that they will say yes if they are engaged and happy to interact.
  3. No success with the first email? Send another. This time, add value but also be clear that they will not hear from you past 25 May if they do not confirm that they are happy to do so.
  4. Still no luck after two attempts? I would send a final email this time with the subject line highlighting that this is the final ‘goodbye’ or something to that effect. Yes this probably isn’t the way you normally market to your customers but there are two things to remember; number 1 not everyone sees or reads every email anymore and this way you are giving them the chance to keep in touch if they have overlooked your previous messages.

    Number 2; as above plus the fact that you will have worked hard to have attracted them in the first place and they would have shown some form of interest in the past making it more likely that they will buy again in the future. So keeping them is easier than having to build your prospect list from scratch.

Fundamentally the emails I am seeing in my inbox are boring. They are making me do the hard work to keep in touch and I have limited amounts of time and can’t remember who some of them are. I want to be made to feel special (as all customers and prospects do) and I need to remember why I want to keep in touch. Because in some ways GDPR is going to save me the laborious task of decluttering my inbox by removing me from mailing lists that I am no longer interested in. Don’t let your company be viewed the same.


Kirsty Newnum
01268 494100

About us: We (Yellowspring) are an IT Services business helping leading property businesses in Essex and London; so you can be sure we know the issues your business faces on a day-to-day basis and can share lots of useful and directly relevant guidance with you.


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