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A day in the life of Trevor Langford, Technical Director at Yellowspring

A day in the life of Trevor Langford, Technical Director at Yellowspring

Having always been interested in computers, making games with friends and studying IT at college, Trevor’s career at Yellowspring began over 20 years ago as one of the founding members.

Here we follow Trevor on a day in his working life.

I like to get to the office early to allow myself the time to get prepared for the day before everything gets busy. I drive to work, leaving just before 7.30am so I get to the office for 8.00am. Then before anything else I like to check my emails and plan for any unforeseen activity that has occurred overnight.

Today I manage to leave the office for half an hour to take a walk. If possible I do this every morning to allow myself time to think through the day, plus it helps me to keep my steps up which I track on my Apple Watch.

When I get back to the office Craig and the early support team are now in the building so it is time to work through any issues and review the engineers’ schedules. This a great time of the day as the office is still quiet giving us a chance to plan the day without too many distractions.

All too quickly it is 9.00am and the rest of the team are now in the office and the day starts to get busy with calls from customers and supporting the team with any technical queries.

Today I have calls scheduled with two customers. In the first we discuss their new security requirements due to expanding into a new market; ensuring their solution meets their new needs. With the second customer we assess the benefits for them as a business in moving to the Cloud. They are an accountancy firm and despite their hesitations it looks as though it is the right thing for them to do, based on their business requirements and the potential cost savings against the buying of new servers.

At 11.30am I join a conference call with a new customer to discuss the transition to Yellowspring and to arrange an IT audit. I enjoy meeting our new customers and preparing their audits, as this gives both the customer and my team the best chance of fully understanding the business and requirements to ensure the IT solutions are the right fit.

Today I manage to take a lunch break around 12.30pm. Again I take to the local streets to keep on track with my daily goal for the number of steps I take, before getting back to my desk to eat my sandwich and check my new emails.

After lunch I catch up with the team and leave the office to visit a customer. They have upgraded their systems and are implementing new security features, so it is great to get to their offices to offer some hands on support plus we have a meeting to discuss GDPR to ensure they are prepared.

Then I drive back to the office to catch up with the team and liaise with the late night engineers. We provide all customers with office hours support but some have opted for extended hours, with the late night team working in the office until 7pm and then from home if required.

I have three boys, aged 7, 5 and 2 years and today I am picking them up, so I leave the office at 5pm but am still available on my mobile if any of the team need me.

After a pasta dinner I take my eldest two to football training. I was never that into football myself but my boys love it and as a result I now manage their team Woodham Radars. I love spending time with them and have enjoyed learning more about the game. Luckily tonight the pitch is dry so the football boots are not too muddy when we get home. The boys have a quick bath before bed and then it is time to sit down on the sofa and catch up with the wife.



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