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What does Skype for Business offer?

Spontaneous conversations, working sessions and meetings can happen at any time.  People in different locations meet and make decisions in an instant.  Online meetings are easy to host, join and manage with Skype for Business.

Audio, video and web conferencing is integrated into a single experience.  Skype for Business lets people connect and stay focused on the things they’re doing together - whether it’s sharing an app, co‐authoring or presenting content.

Skype for Business feels familiar, it’s not overwhelming or complex, it invites people in.  After all, Skype has millions of users and is a household name.  When employees see more and more people using Skype for Business at work, they want to join in.  Communication improves because everyone, including customers and partners can connect, meet, call and collaborate online - all from their favourite devices.

All your communication and collaboration can be in one place.  A single client for IM, voice, video, presence, content sharing, searchable contacts, contacts info, Office integration and Skype consumer connectivity.  Skype for Business is available on PCs, Macs, Windows and Android tablets, iPads, conference room systems and leading mobile platforms.

No need for multiple apps and solutions - one client, one set of sign‐in credentials.  Conversations live across all of your devices and stay synchronized with Exchange.

Being mobile is critical to keeping pace and getting work done.  Skype for Business is a complete business communication and collaboration tool which can be used anywhere with Internet and cellular access.  By automatically adapting to Internet and other unmanaged network conditions and providing encryption without the use of a VPN, the experience is reliable and set‐up is less complex. Skype for Business dramatically reduces the IT cost of supporting home and mobile workers.

So much more is possible with Skype for Business as it is integrated into Office.  Skype for Business and Office apps work together creating easier transitions and fewer interruptions.  When productivity and communication tools are together, working with others is easier.  Co‐create and collaborate while working in the apps you use every day like Excel, Word, and Outlook.  For example, notes and other meeting materials can be saved in OneNote and SharePoint, or you mark up a presentation in your Skype for Business meeting and save those annotations.  Open an email and schedule a meeting directly with everyone on the To line.

Skype for Business is interoperable with PBX phones, telephony infrastructure and the most commonly used video conferencing systems.  With the Call via Work feature, employees can keep using their phones - both desktop and mobile.  Skype for Business works beautifully with traditional room systems making it easier than ever for people to join a Skype Meeting from a legacy room system.

With Skype for Business, you can search for anyone in the Skype directory.  Then connect, communicate, and collaborate with everyone - consumers, other businesses, and friends and family - all without sacrificing security.

As a part of your UC strategy, eliminate the need for separate PBX systems with Skype for Business. Simplify your system for a big reduction in telephony - related expenses.  Skype for Business modernizes the stand-alone telephony experience, integrating a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offering with other modes of communications.  This creates a richer experience for people. Enterprise Voice users can call co-workers on your organisation’s VoIP network or PBX, and they can also call any phone number - even if it’s outside of your organisation.

Skype for Business is one solution for every kind of meeting.  Your business can host every kind of meeting and gathering from relaxed, highly interactive collaboration sessions to more formal meetings with thousands of attendees.  Audio, video and web conferencing are combined in one user experience and a unified platform.  Communication is faster and more productive with the ability to spontaneously schedule online meetings from Outlook or share content from PowerPoint and other business apps.  Cost savings and flexibility along with more integrated communications give your organisation an edge.

It is clear that video will start to play a much greater role in business communications and there are many benefits to be gained from introducing products like Skype for Business, least of which is staying ahead of your competition.


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