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Some Backup FACTS

  • All businesses rely on their data – without it they would cease to exist… 
  • Around 80% of businesses that lose data go under within 18 months… 
  • Common backup mistakes can cripple your business…
  • Most of these mistakes are completely avoidable.

A few businesses do backup properly, some do it to an extent, and some don’t even bother (adopting the “it’ll never happen to me” mentality; this is Backup Mistake No. 1).

5 Common Backup Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Not doing it at all:  Far too common – complete avoidance of data backup is the worst kind of backup mistake – as it’s so obvious. There are only two types of hard drive available; those that have failed and those that will fail.  It’s an accepted fact that every single hard drive will eventually break; without a decent backup of the files it stored, you could be looking at extortionate costs to recover the data, or worse still – unrecoverable data.

2. Incorrectly using Fireproof Safes:  Many businesses use a fireproof safe to store their backup media.  These businesses are at least trying to protect the data, but quite often a fireproof safe won’t help in the event of a fire.  Many fireproof safes are designed to protect paper, and are designed to get quite hot; this is fine for paper, but the temperature inside a fireproof safe can get to a point where it destroys digital media, rendering your backup useless even if the fireproof safe survives in tact. 

3. Overwriting backup data every time you backup:  Not keeping a number of different backups can be disastrous, especially if you lose data thanks to a virus; after removing the virus, you could find that your backed up files also are infected.  If you overwrite previous backups, you could be overwriting the good backup copy with a bad copy.  You need a retention cycle in your backups.

4. Leaving backups on site:  Leaving your backups on site is convenient and easy, which is why it’s so common; but it’s a serious backup mistake.  If your office is burgled, they’ll likely take the backup media with them; if your office burns down, you’ll lose the original and backup data.  If you currently do this, the easiest change you can make right now is to start taking your backups home (though you’ll need to consider data security and encryption before doing this).

5. Never checking your backups for integrity or testing your disaster recovery/business continuity plans: Businesses that are taking and implementing backup strategy seriously can still make mistakes – by not checking that your backups actually work in a disaster scenario. Untested restores from your media, is all too common – your report says it is backed up – but is there actually recoverable data on the tape?

Are you guilty of any of these?  From the conversations we have with business owners, we’d say 90% of businesses are falling down on one or more of the above – so you’re not necessarily alone. 

Data backup does not have to be hard work, does not have to be overly expensive, it does not have to take up your time, and you don’t need to remember to do it.  With Yellowsprings Hosted Online Backup solutions, you can automatically and securely backup your files every day, store them in a UK-based Cloud infrastructure (complete with military-grade encryption) – and we will do all the hard work for you.

For more information about our hosted backup solutions, call our offices on 01268 494101 and speak to Maria West – or email – before its too late…


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