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Remote Data Backup - the problems it solves

Successful businesses thrive on quick access and reliability of information. To protect and safeguard the immense volume of physical data generated in the form of records, notices and other critical legal documents can be a huge challenge to these businesses. The main offshoot of an event such as a disaster, theft or natural calamity is the utter chaos that follows the loss of business critical data and the impact it has on business continuity.

The main method of backup is using external devices whether data drives or tape, and the reason for this is pretty obvious; there's something that just feels a lot safer about having your data to hand, but these devices can fail or it could simply be that someone forgets to change the tape.

The safeguarding of data has become an important factor in maintaining the ability of a business or organisation to continue operating. The use of tape based backup systems continues to be very effective but tapes are too often left with the server(s) being backed up rather than being taken off site.

Many businesses are turning to remote data backup, programs that send data to a remotely located server hosted by a backup company. That way, if your business system becomes inaccessible for whatever reason, and in worse case the in-house backup has not worked, at least your data will still be safe located on a remote server and waiting for you to restore it.

There is distrust of remote data backup service providers; after all, you are trusting your data to a business and to people you have not even met. However, much of this distrust is misplaced.  Remote data backup companies will commonly encrypt data, so a hacker intercepting your files won't have any chance of opening them. The larger remote data backup companies are monitored constantly, as well, making theft of data pretty much impossible.

In selecting a provider most businesses want to have the ability to talk to someone who can understand the data they need to be protected and to guide them through the setup and potentially the restoring processes. Yellowspring provide exactly this personal service and we can also help you with the in-house system to make sure that both systems work seamlessly together.

The advantages of the service include: – a readily available restore of selected files; more frequent backups of modified data are possible, e.g. at lunch time; and the comfort provided by an offsite backup stored at two different locations.

Contact Yellowspring for more information of their YSBackup service by speaking to Maria West on  01268 494160 or by emailing


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