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Back-Up & Recovery


Based on the industry leading software, Yellowspring Cloud Backup services are ideal for businesses who are looking to protect their business data within a secure, off-site location without having to take on the burden of purchasing and managing their own hardware and software.

If a server fails, what is the impact to your business? If application data is lost, how quickly does it need to be restored before it has a detrimental effect on your operations? How confident are you that you are fully backing-up everything you need to and this will be readily available if a situation arises where you need it?

Data is a highly valuable asset and one that your business depends on. Yellowspring help organisations to secure this data by providing a highly reliable, scalable and cost effective way to back up information. We provide a fully managed service; where you data is backed-up online to the YS Cloud. There is no need for tapes or tape management and your data is instantly accessible; providing business continuity and that all-important peace of mind.

The Yellowspring Cloud Backup service is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that have outgrown a traditional tape-based backup. It provides an efficient and incremental backup with faster recovery times.

  • Eliminate the risk of human error by automating the entire backup process, with up-to-the-minute backup and scheduling features
  • Data is encrypted at source using AES 256bit encryption; ensuring data security during file transfer and storage
  • Services delivered from tier 3 UK data centres; across a resilient network with high-speed links to multiple tier 1 internet providers with extensive peering arrangements All data is mirrored every 15 minutes to our second tier 3 data centre
  • A single management console gives systems administration complete control over the backup and restore process

The Yellowspring Difference

ALIGNED TO YOUR NEEDS - We work with you to identify which data is critical to your business and develop a backup strategy that provides the protection required.

FULLY MANAGED - We leave nothing to chance; we fully manage each backup process and regularly check that information is being captured correctly and is fully restorable.

SCALABLE - As the data you need to backup fluctuates in size, the Yellowspring Cloud automatically scales to meet changes in demand and provides you with the flexibility you need.

HIGHLY SECURE, HIGHLY SCALABLE - Different data has different levels of sensitivity so we deliver the solution that best meets your needs; combining public, private and hybrid Cloud environments.


A fully-managed Cloud recovery solution; featuring incremental file-level backup, physical and virtual machine protection, so your systems and data can be quickly and easily recovered.

Recover your systems in the Yellowspring Cloud using our Managed Cloud Recovery service. Yellowspring will invoke your pre-configured virtual data centre (vDC), turn on your virtual machines and restore your data to our VMware vCloud-powered recovery platform.

  • Scalable, flexible and highly resilient off-site protection for your critical data and applications

  • Rapid Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives

  • Flexible encryption, compression and retention options

  • High performance, enterprise-class vDC and backup platforms in the UK

For more information read our brochure Yellowspring Backup-as-a-Service